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RFD America Figurines

Lowell's First Six Figurines

RFD America Collection

Country Christmas

Fox Fire Farm Set

Special Editions

Special Series Figurines

Cats Tales

Cats in Season

Country Pride

Friends of Mine

Pen Pals

Promotional Figurines


RFD Bells


Route 66 Figurines

Route 66 Collection

Uncle Remus Figurines

Uncle Remus Characters

Little Critters Figurines

Little Critters Collection

Farm Club Figurines

Farm Club Pieces

Thimble Holders

Quiltin' Bee Thimble Holders

Egg Holders

Ceramic Bird Egg Holders

Toothpick Holders

Ceramic Toothpick Holders

Red Oak II Exclusives

Red Oak II Exclusive Figurines


ERTL Collectibles

Louisville Stoneware

Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

Kaiser Porcelain

Wildlife Figurines


Politician and Veterinarian

Danbury Mint

Country Church


Uncatalogued Figurines


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